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Own special rooms that are valued every day with their lush common areas, large balcony terraces and magnificent lively venues in the heart of the city. Book your place now.


Considering all the needs and expectations of those who want to own a house in the very heart of the city, there are dozens of different types of apartments between 120 and 340 m² that appeal to different tastes and tastes.


The ceiling heights of the apartments are among the privileged features.

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Peaceful Living Area In the Heart Of The City

You will see the beauties of the city opened to your door.

Values Of Smart Living In Luxury Residence

Discover the conveniences of our center.

24/7 Security

A 24/7 security team is present in the building, ensuring the highest level of security for the facility.

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Spacious Space

Have a peaceful lifestyle with its park area and magnificent view in the heart of the city.

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Card Pass

A card pass system has also been added, ensuring a high level of security in our residence.

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Nearest Hospital

In the very center of the city, you will live in the nearest apartment to the hospital, a 1-minute walk away.

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Car Parking

A large parking area up to 1200 square meters with both indoor and outdoor parking areas in our building.

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Firefighting System

There are special sensors to intervene in case of any fire that may occur in the building.

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Pet Area

There is a large private parking area in our building for your pets to walk around.

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Swimming Pool

We have a large swimming pool of 300 square meters open for common use in our building.

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